Scotland’s Favourite Pies

All of our pies are made with our hallmark pastry – crisp, rich and delicious. Every pastry and every pie is made with absolute care and the same passion for baking, ensuring an incredible taste and beautiful finish. All of our savoury fillings are rich and delicious, made with only the best fresh ingredients. Big chunks of rich, lean meat and flavourful vegetables in a rich, thick and oozing sauce – what could be better?

Fancy Fairy Cakes

There’s a fancy little sponge cake for every sweet tooth at Gretna Bakery. Our range is endless and incorporates a mix of light, moist and utterly delicious sponge cake with delicate and refined icing. Our flavours range from the simple and traditional to the indulgent and divine. Chocolate, vanilla, banana and more, we play with flavours to reinvent recipes and give them some fresh flavour punch.

Award Winning Sausage Rolls

Our sausage rolls are so good they’ve been winning awards – like the Scotch Pie Gold Award! They all have our special handmade pastry – rich and flaky with a perfect thinness and nutty finish – and incredible, locally sauced and perfectly seasoned sausage meat. Come along to the bakery for a taste of something really flavourful this lunchtime. They’re one of our best-loved treats, so get here quick!


Welcome to Gretna Bakery! We’re here to provide you with delicious, nutritious, tasty and appetising bakes for any time of day. From our scrumptious, energising breakfast loaves, baps and rolls to our hearty and filling lunchtime menu. We aim to provide you with deeply indulgent treats that will keep you going throughout the day. Come and visit us at our stores or place an order with us today!